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‘Vicks’ you old devil, it’s not over, I still need you…..

Grief – Part 2

Grief with a capital ‘G’, Abandonment with a capital ‘A’ and Love with a capital ‘L’

And the pyramid shaped scales fell from her eyes….

OMG Just Shut Up!

What exactly is a Witch?

Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows, All Saints or Hallow-Eve…Happy New Year Witches…

Cold Calling gets a Stone Walling

Manifesting Self-Employed Wealth

The volte-face of Essential Oils – Ancient Wisdom makes a timely return

How to minimalise Homework grief…(can be applied to any additional learning enviro)

Craniosacral Bliss – the lightest touch with the deepest impact

Where I’m at and where I’ve been…

Where ever you go….There you are!

Self Catheterisation – A surprising training session

Workplace Betrayal….et tu brute?

Happy Birthday to Me….A gift to Myself…

The Beauty of Water…Pimp up Your ‘Council Pop’ for FREE

Heal yourself for FREE….why wouldn’t you?

Facebook, I’m not sure I can handle you anymore….it’s not You, it’s Me!

Gaslighting at work….my damaging experience!

HRT…bitch I need you!

The Language of Love…..a Tourettes ridden battle cry in our case!

‘Menopression’ forget the black dog, I’ve got an oily snake

Quality Sleep courtesy of a 1,000 Plastic Pricks….and so much more

Child Abduction – high risk or a media freak storm?

Doggy Disaster….Raising the bar on self-destruction or a wonderful gesture?

Anti D’s…..They’re fantastic, I’m wrapped in plastic (Singing Aqua – Barbie Girl)

The Wasted Workforce

The irony & daylight robbery of being Gluten Free!

My Husband

Our Easter Helliday

I am, getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off…(Nelly; 2002)

Negative Transference – energetic rape and pillage!

Death – Sadness or Celebration?

Dct I’m not well….Ok let me Google it

Walt Disney I curse you

Ode to Mummy dearest

Procreation = social flake’ism

Half term Horror – The film I don’t want to star in

Who am I? DNA test’s done…..Not who I thought I was for sure

A tissue, a tissue, we all fall down – My daily germ warfare

Undercut me baby – Trendy or just coming of age?

Heartbeat Breathe Ahhhh Bliss

Eating in Season – am I bothered?

24hr Organ Body Clock – Insomnia at 3am?