About This

A collection of my thoughts, learnings and rants on being a 40+ Witch healer living in an over crowded,  materialistic, spiritually vacuous Island!

Potentially useful, informative, thought-provoking, amusing, shocking or just plain crap

Frenetic, furious, forgetful and falling apart at 40 something, I decided I once again needed to discharge my musings and eclectic knowledge into the big wild World.

For Me, simply both the enjoyment of spinning words into tapestries and to be free of the energy all these ‘thought gems’ create.

But for`You’, to make you laugh and feel safe in the knowledge ‘You are not alone’ in your inner madness. Plus you may just find some of this quite useful when navigating through the rivers of Life. I like to find healthy and eco ways of doing things like healing, cooking and drinking.

I am a Mama to two small humans/animals, they flit betwixt depending on weather and sugar levels.  The eldest holds within her little hand a remote control for my mental health, regularly pushing me past the twilight zone and into cocktail hour. My love for her is like a chilli, strong, fiery and prone to burn badly. The youngest, I’ve recently discovered, is much more obedient when being a dog and a hell of a lot less naughty. His remote control  is programmed to my adrenaline levels, which he also enjoys stressing on a regular basis. My love for him is like a cucumber (no phallic/Freudian intention here so remove that from your dirty mind), delicious, cool and soothing and quite basic.

I consider Myself a Green Witch, I just happen to be of Celtic descent. This means I believe and work with the healing powers of nature in sync with the Earth, Moon and Sun using the Laws of Attraction. I practise alone and sometimes with my Daughter, my spiritual beliefs are what I feel to be intrinsically the truth about our World, Life and God.

I take no responsibility for your actions or feelings inspired by my Blogs, as I really cannot even if I wanted too. If you feel the need to comment you are very welcome, what you say says more about you than it does me and vice versa.

There is too much negativity in this current World State but I shall cover this in another Blog….