Minty, the Coolest of Bitches

OMG I have to confess, a growing addiction for my peppermint oil. To the point, I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything this minty bitch can’t do for me! Before I started my oily journey, my favourite go to ES was Lavender, for its scent and versatility; never did I travel without it and I’ve always liberally  slathered my children in it. However, its become apparent it’s now peppermint that I can’t live without….maybe because I am digestively challenged?

Up til now, I’ve assuaged my minty desires with Vicks Vapour Rub, which is  another highly versatile little number. As a steamy, menopausal lady, I have been pasting myself with it to reduce my inner, volcanic heat; this is extremely useful if you find yourself in a hot country without air-conditioning. It is also excellent for sore muscles, sunburn, bites, spots, cellulite and its more commonly known prowess, blocked noses.

However, read the ingredients and you will find it’s composed of toxic substances amongst all that goodness; petrolatum, camphor, menthol, spirits of turpentine, oil of eucalyptus, cedar leaf, nutmeg, and thymol. Now, as much as I adore the smell of petrol…and believe me I do, I know and recognise how toxic it is. Similarly with turpentine, another delicious heady smell, great for ‘huffing’ or ‘bagging’ but extremely poisonous, sadly. Don’t get me wrong, both of these ingredients have natural origins, once upon a time….from trees….must be why I like them…..just not in this format. So really it has to be Bye, Bye Vicks…..

This peppermint is so concentrated and pure, 1 drop has the equivalent strength to 24 cups of mint tea!!!! This level of quality means you only need 1 drop per use, and fortuitously you can’t develop a tolerance like you can with a lot of pharmaceutical medicine. This is one of the most scientifically researched oils, because it’s just so bloody amazing and has been used for thousands of years.

Firstly, it’s a fabulous digestive aid. Not only does it soothe my often aching guts, I enjoy a cup of ‘rosy lee’ as much as the next Brit but really need lactose free milk to avoid the pain, which is not readily available. I am also gluten intolerant, in so far as if I eat some, it feels like I’ve been knifed in the guts; 1 drop of this baby in warm water works like a charm.

And it prevents flatulence, which is why I now give it to my husband daily; though he’s a bit gutted he can no longer fart the national anthem! This is more effective than the likes of Rennie & Gaviscon and more affordable, which I am happy to prove with a free sample.

It’s a fantastic, healthy, caffeine replacement…..The menthol provides invigorating refreshment by literally blasting open all your sinuses simultaneously;
imagine you’re house and you throw open all the windows at once to let in a fresh breeze . The boost, unlike with coffee is more natural and controlled and will not cause heart palpitations, jitteriness or leave you feeling wired. In fact, it helps control anxiety, it has sedative properties which allow your mind to relax, inducing feelings of calmness and peacefulness. Fresh and calm baby!

And for those of us who have terrible short-term memories, aka every menopausal mother on the planet or stressed out individual, it enhances memory retrieval and makes us more alert. Thus making it a more wholesome choice for ANY learning environment/business meeting….

It’s worth worshipping alone for the fact it doesn’t induce noxious coffee breath.  The high volume of mentholated and anti-bacterial qualities help to kills germs and fight bad breath; hence why it is the main ingredient in dental products. Get it round the office now!!!

Another important and notable skill, is it’s ability to relieve pain….menthol is anti-spasmodic, helping muscles to relax. Why do you think you get a mask full of it mixed with oxygen when you have surgery at the dentists. It works wonders on headaches, even migraines….


For those that like a nutritional breakdown or need further convincing…Peppermint oil is filled to the brim with nutrients and is extremely good for your health. In 100 grams of this essential oil, you will find a total of 70 calories. It has 0.9 grams of fat with a total of 0.2 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams of polyunsaturated fat, and no monounsaturated fat. It also has no cholesterol. It has 31 mg of sodium in it and 569 mg of potassium in it. The total carbohydrate content in a 100 grams of peppermint essential oil is 15 grams with 8 grams of dietary fiber in it. It has 3.8 grams of protein and is filled with a ton of important minerals. Of the daily recommended dosage for each of the following, peppermint essential oil contains 84% of vitamin A, 24% of calcium, 52% of vitamin C, 28% of iron, 5% of vitamin B-6, and 20% of magnesium. Peppermint essential oil also contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are extremely good for your body on the whole. (Source:

Contact me directly at for a FREE sample or to just go crazy and buy some! xx





The volte-face of Essential Oils – Ancient Wisdom makes a timely return

As you may have gathered, I have recently sold my soul to the God of Essential Oils, currently residing under the brand name of doTERRA. This means ‘gift of the earth’, all very on point and they are very ethical.  Why have I done this? On the face of it, because I need to earn a living again, not doing so is not only seriously hammering my bank account, it’s equally hammering my sense of self-worth; both have equal weighting in my World. AND I’m still living in the very expensive ‘Sowf-East Anglaterre’ , no one seems to want to buy my house? *Brexit you Arsehole!

On a deeper, more intuitive level, by doing this I am responding to my desire as a Green Witch to heal. With that old bitch hindsight, I wish I’d known this about Myself about 30 years ago so I could tailor my education towards natural health, but I clearly didn’t. I’ve satisfied my yearnings for this knowledge in a very casual, evening and weekend course type way. And now I find Myself, on the wrong side of 40, domestically ‘chattelled’ and time compromised. So this opportunity appeared like manna from heaven, an addition and development to Celtic Witch Mama.

So here I am, oiled up in every way….I am eating them, lathering them on and inhaling them at every opportunity, to the point my husband’s quite worried I am poisoning Myself…. I no longer need to apply perfume, so heavily scented am I. But this is perfume with a difference, this is perfume with an edge….it’s healing me physically and emotionally. FYI.. Definition of perfume:

“A fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to give a pleasant smell to one’s body.”

Essential oils have been used in health and beauty for centuries, an ancient wisdom largely lost by the advent of science, as I like to convey. They are harvested from the plants own immune system and because we are similarly constructed, they can pass through our cell membranes using their lipophilic properties. They can therefore penetrate cells in our body to help fight viruses and to help our bodies heal. Modern prescription drugs and antibiotics cannot do this, which makes essential oils a great natural alternative without side effects.

After 30 seconds on our skin, it hits our blood streams and it takes only 20 minutes to make that journey straight into our cells! FYI You absorb 60% of ANYTHING you put on your skin directly into your body….

How do I know these oils are working their magic? Their potency, 100% natural and pure, is immediately apparent when you open the bottle; Need to produce some tears for a ‘scene’ (domestic or professional), waft 1 drop of Peppermint about 5 meters from your eyes! Amazingly, you can eat most of them too?! First time I’ve come across oils safe enough to ingest! I’ve tried and tested them upon Myself and that really is the only way to prove their powers.

Here are my personal case studies:

Initially, I used the Oregano on a nasty, itchy rash I keep randomly developing every couple of months. The doctor originally said it was shingles, then when it re-appeared in the same place and I’d had none of the hepatic neuralgia associated with this virus, concluded it was a bacterial infection and gave me Daktarin, this didn’t work and the rash ran its usual itchy then painful then scarring course.  This time, topically applying the oregano stopped the rash from even developing its usual blistery itchy spots and has cleared it up in a matter of days with no scar! NB. I am also using it on my daughter’s warts, which nothing over the counter has been table to tackle, and they are quickly going….

I accidentally, I promise, shut my son’s little hand in the door…he left it in the crack whilst he was putting on his shoes. Luckily no skin was broken but there was a lot of pain and potential bruising, so I quickly applied some DeepBlue oil. That quickly saw off the pain and he even had no bruising?! This is someone who bruises at every available opportunity….

A couple of my favourite people have developed very stinky colds, I felt Myself become similarly afflicted. Not sure about you, but my colds follow the exact same symptom process and the only thing that’s had any impact is the use of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the ear canals; not something I am particularly comfortable with incase I am inadvertently rotting my ears….although the total peace appeals from time to time!  Instead of bemoaning my developing infection, I rubbed my hands with glee at the opportunity to test the oils.

So I am now regularly putting single drops, as I said they are so potent you only need 1 single drop, in warm water and drinking this roughly 3 or 4 times a day….This is my mix…

OnGuard, Melaleuca/Tea Tree, Lemon,Oregano,Frankincense

So far, so good. The cold hasn’t developed, I can still feel it hovering around my edges but it’s only day 2 and it feels like the oils are stopping it from arriving. I am also using these in the diffuser and putting Lavender in the bath and on my pillow for deep sleep.

I have just started taking regular doses of Slim & Sassy  with the aim of becoming just that….I can report, that it has raised my internal temperature and metabolic rate to the point I am having breakout sweats all over the place; the irony is not lost, in that I’m taking HRT to prevent hormonal sweats on one hand and then creating them with something else?!!!  My appetite has become quite modest and my gym workouts are unbearably difficult, because I am now working twice as hard for the same effort. As this is just the beginning who knows where I will land up….Slim & Sassy I hope!

One could easily argue, this is a case of the placebo effect occurring, but I can promise I can feel and taste these oils in my system….The simple way to prove this point, and indeed how this business has grown so massively, is to share the oil with free samples. So if you feel tempted to test these natural oily waters, let me know and I can send you a sample to try.

You can cook, clean, dream, stop the inner scream and beam with these babies! It is a life-style choice….You need to ask yourself, do you want natural, effective, side-effect free medicine AND/OR preventative healthcare?*Evangelical Healthcare at its best



How to minimalise Homework grief…(can be applied to any additional learning enviro)

When my daughter started school I felt quite aggrieved about her being given homework. To me, the learning she had to do at school was more than enough and I felt all her spare time should be hers to do as she pleased; ideally in unstructured play.  It was my opinion, that this homework malarkey was just the Government expecting me to fill the gaps their antiquated system left! I generated quite a lot of fear-based anger around it, how on earth was I going to squeeze in this extra responsibility on top of my existing overloaded Life???

There is a Global debate on the merits of extra ‘learning’ and finding a balance in allowing the brain some free time to just ‘be’, which I subscribe too. We all seem to differ in our approaches, with studies being carried out, and debated, on the impact it has on our collective intellectual capital and economic success ( BBC Newsround Homework Debate)   It’s not entirely clear what the best approach it, but this article makes some good points in support of and the need for a balance;


* Note to Self….Everything in this Life seems to be about balance!!!


However, I hadn’t accounted for a few fundamental facts that would challenge my views. A) I’d given birth to a child who loves learning?!, B) I found it a good way to keep up with what she was learning and it made me devote some time to just ‘us’, and finally, C) My responsible nature meant I couldn’t ignore the obligation in practice…I am actually a total law-abiding square at heart!

Just before you are misled into thinking, what a lucky bitch I am for having birthed a child who loves to learn… I have to admit her love only lasted during Reception, by Year 1 it had all become, and remains, a tedious chore for us to argue about. However, by this time Homework was a well established practice and no longer a debatable extra.

And just to demonstrate I am as up against it as everyone else, my second child has no such compulsion for learning. He especially struggles with reading, and will employ a whole arsenal of avoidance tactics…..He managed to orchestrate the entire Summer holiday in this manner and it was literally the week before he was due back, that my husband and I realised he had forgotten how to read!

*If you don’t use it, you loose it!

Aaaaaarrrgggggg! So once again, we had to enforce some very strict nightly reading sessions. The pain all-round was quite indescribable, tears, tantrums, and mountains of praise, you name it we did it….Given that we live in a modern dry-walled box, I dread to imagine what our neighbours thought we were all doing to each other! After 3 slow weeks, he is beginning to return to the level he had achieved pre-Summer; that again was down to nightly reading sessions at home.

*Proving, with children, you snooze, you loose!

Why did, and do, we bother to put ourselves through this torture? We do it with the knowledge that it doesn’t take much, for either of our children, to give up. If they struggle to get things right or don’t regularly win, they simply lose interest and won’t participate; don’t ever accept an invitation to play Monopoly with us, unless you want to witness simultaneous breakdowns…the Banker has to be able to add and subtract in a timely manner!

I want them to enjoy their schooling and develop a love of learning. I don’t want them to feel bad about themselves because they have fallen behind at school and I don’t want them dis-engaging and getting into trouble….like I did! Admittedly, my homework support service has a limited shelf-span, and I will be out of my depth soon, but then I will simply call in the experts because it’s too important..Discover and Be!

Now I have painted you a picture of the challenges we face, to create a calm, conducive, learning environs, I will share with you some tools I use to support my efforts.  Firstly, I have established a weekly routine that I pretty much won’t break….we do Homework on set days after School. I choose to do it during the week, so the weekends are completely free of structured learning; I also don’t want to fight about that at the weekends, not when there is so much else on offer to argue about….untidy rooms, diet choices etc.

The caveat to that is reading, it is a nightly affair….my daughter now largely reads to herself, we carry out random tests, but my son needs to be micro-managed to make this happen. Luckily, both my kids like a routine…they like to know what’s coming next so they can try to take charge of it…we’re all very bossy!

The next weapon in my artillery are my essential oils….I happen to sell them so I have them to hand, don’t worry I can sell them to you as well if you are interested ;-D. As my kids are little, I have to be careful how I apply them, the oils I use ( are the purest you can buy so are uber-potent. Thus I use my diffuser, you should never use oils in an oil burner because the heat will destroy all the medicinal properties, much like with virgin olive oil when cooking.

I put it on before I pick them up from school, this way when they get home it not only smells great, it immediately calms and grounds them; it’s quite safe to leave a diffuser on as long as it has enough water in it, most have timers so go off automatically. It takes 30 seconds for the oils to hit their blood streams and 20 minutes to penetrate their cells. NB. Essentials oils are an ancient medicinal practice that has been largely lost to us with the advent of science, which was roughly 500 years ago! They carry no side-effects and actually penetrate to the cause of the illness, as opposed to modern medicine, which can’t penetrate our cellular membranes and thus only treats the symptoms.

To create a calm but focused learning ambience, I make up a mixture within my diffuser; a drop of peppermint to re-energize everyone (1 drop = 24 cups of mint tea), 2 drops of On-Guard (this is a blend of wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon bark/leaf, eucalyptus leaf, rosemary leaf/flower), this mix helps to stave off seasonal infections, whilst is a mood uplifter and helps with focus, 1 drop of rose to engender feelings of love and comfort. The rose is optional, some people love the smell some think it smells of poo….As depicted in this image, you can just use Wild Orange instead of On-Guard as a mood enhancer…I just like to zap infections at the same time.

When I am met with extreme tiredness, I do mix 1 drop (it’s ridiculously powerful) of peppermint with my carrier oil (coconut) and get the child to inhale it from my fingers and then dab it on their pulse points and back of head. Peppermint is a caffeine replacement, so it gives a big energy kick. Or, you can add a drop to warm water to drink, because when ingested, it promotes healthy respiratory function, clear breathing and great digestive health; remember we now know most of our intelligence comes from our guts!

On the occasions the moodiness knows no bounds, I use lavender oil to calm. Again I use a carrier oil because my kids are young, and get them to inhale and rub it on their pulse points.

And if you don’t believe me, check out this kid Fallon, who carried out her own study on how effective essential oils were on learning…

I appreciate essential oils maybe an entirely new approach for some of you, but I am sure not for all. I am more than happy to send/give you free samples so you can test their effectiveness for yourself, simply get in touch with me at or visit my website at , where you can buy them from me direct.




Craniosacral Bliss – the lightest touch with the deepest impact

In my last Blog, I said I would write more about the magic that is Craniosacral therapy. I’ve personally been using this type of high impact healing on and off for the last eight years, usually in response to major health crisis….physical or emotional.

For those that haven’t come across this magical healing delight….In a nutshell, the daily grind is encapsulated within our body’s tissues, causing them to tighten and distort our Craniosacral system. Which creates tension around our brains and spinal chords, causing blockages, impacting adversely upon the performance of our central nervous system.

Like a blind person using braille, the therapist runs the tips of their fingers over your Craniosacral  system to feel, test and release these blockages and return you to a smooth flow. Imagine yourself as the electrical being that you are, CranioS removes your circuit breakers…..thus enhancing your own ability to self-heal.

There is science behind it, for all the skeptics out there, indeed it was developed by an Osteopathic Physician, John E.Upledger. For more info on him and it, check this link.





The following is a list of some of the more common ailments that can benefit from this type of treatment:

  • Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (Great short 14 min film I cribbed)
  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
  • Autism…Amazing!
  • Stress and Tension-Related Disorders
  • Motor-Coordination Impairments
  • Infant and Childhood Disorders
  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TMJ Syndrome
  • Scoliosis
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Orthopedic Problems

AND this is not exhaustive…let’s not forget the emotional conditions such as  heart-ache, low self-esteem, depression….

Often, health is a bit chicken and egg, which came first…the physical ‘dis-ease’ or the emotional one??? I can’t stress enough how light and painless this process is…..not like using a TENS unit, which for me is skin pin-pricking hell!

The first time I had it, immediately afterwards and because it was such a ‘light’ touch, I thought I’d been conned…..but just for a few moments. I then experienced a deep sense of peace and overwhelming tiredness, what followed was a deep healing night’s sleep and in the morning the spring had returned to my step.

My daughter suffered chronic constipation as a baby, she had a session and managed to miraculously and painlessly fill her nappy before we’d even left the room…to a new nervous mother, manna from Heaven!

I am using it now, to remove the general anaesthetic from my recent operation, to stop it wreaking further havoc on my health. My recent turn in Hades Wardrobe prevented any recovery from occurring, the stress just froze everything in place…leaving me very out of sync…thus generating depression.

I feel recalibrated….

I use the lovely witch, Laura Holmwood, for my treatments. I trust her implicitly and have no issues with recommending her. If you wish to get more information on this from her or get some treatments yourself, you can reach her at



Where I’m at and where I’ve been…

An update on where I’m at and hoping to shortly depart from…..with the help of an arsenal of alternative health gems!

Where I’d like to be right now, is in my fantasy of a mental health institution…. Dressed in white for nothingness and everything (white has the full spectrum of colours within it, or so I believe), being fed and watered like a delicate flower and free from all demands!

Where I actually am is enduring the final day of the school holidays in the juxtaposition of wishing them over but dreading the return of early morning warfare…..

Please get up and get dressed.

Rushes off to do something….asks after 5 minutes, ‘Are you up yet’

No and I’m not going to because I hate school.

Please, this isn’t me forcing you to do this, you legally have to go, besides you’re running out of time for breakfast

Rushes off to do something else…. asks, after realising another 5 minutes have elapsed and no one has appeared,  ‘Are you up yet’

I’m not and I don’t care, you can’t make me

Please, don’t make this difficult. You know the rules. I haven’t got time for this, please!

I don’t care, I’m not doing it…

On occasion, on a good day I am able to retort, well that’s up to you dear, it’s you that will get into trouble with your teachers. Shall I ring them now? This get’s results….

However and generally, by the third repetition of variations on this script, I scream:

GET YOUR BLOODY ARSE OUT OF THAT BED NOW OR ELSE I’M DRAGGING YOU TO SCHOOL IN YOUR BEDCLOTHES! (Yes I am now out of control and beyond caring that I am using a profanity to assist me in relaying my fury)

Why we have to get to Level 9.5 on the Richter Scale to illicit a result is beyond me. It gives me a headache, puts me in a bad mood and makes me feel hatred towards my children. They know this, I explain this time over, once I’ve calmed down, and they systematically promise not to do it again; Their promises fall by the wayside on at least 2 out of the 5 days of the week!

Thus, school holidays offer sanctuary from that daily horror. However, they deliver a different selection of horrors that engender my destruction and fuel my feelings of loathing…all round…by the end of them there isn’t anyone in the family I don’t hate…even the cat!



Endless demands for food, which when supplied are met with ‘urrrggg I don’t like that’ OR ‘that looks gross’. How a plain jacket potato with cheese can look gross is beyond me? How can yesterday’s favourite food be so odiously reviled Today, is an ongoing and unwelcome conundrum?

Bedtime leaches dangerously into ‘child free adult rest and relaxation time’, until all escape is futile. You either move your bedtime later to accommodate, not easy if you’re me, or just use alcohol to pretend they’re not there watching all your watershed programmes alongside you; the latter’s sinful neglect reverberates upon you at the most inopportune times echoing into the future….so it’s a high-risk strategy.

The downside to moving bedtime backwards in our case, my son just can’t make up his lost hours by remaining asleep in bed. This delivers two-fold, firstly, he hates to be alone so he deploys a series of tactics he’s perfected over time to wake us rudely from our slumbers. These range from playing our own music loudly to physical assault, under the guise of pretending to be a lovable dog. I don’t know about you but the advent of children brought with it, the demise of my ability to return to meaningful sleep, once woken.

The second, involves dealing with a stream of mini-breakdowns through-out each and every day, when he doesn’t get his own way! His demands made ridiculous through lack of sleep, it’s a cyclical spin in the washing machine of torture.

Holidays take sibling rivalry and terrorism to new heights! Meaning I get to expend too much time either defusing situations, negotiating new rules of engagement or mopping up blood. During these times I often find Myself hiding in the garage, pretending I can’t hear anything and where I keep the booze fridge.

I always look forward to the holidays with misplaced, naïve joy, all a bit ‘Ground Hog’s day’. My shitty memory fails to remind me that I won’t get any space, peace, relaxation or time to write. This lack of ‘Me’ time, sucks the light and life from my Soul, converting me to a sour, short-tempered old alcoholic who just wants to escape!

At the end of this one, and to fast track recovery, I am employing the following tools.

Regular gym exercise to stimulate endorphins and attempt to work off some of the accumulated weight, courtesy of sugary stress management! I can only manage x3 45 minutes sessions per week, but it’s enough to feel 1000 times more grounded; which equals more emotionally balanced. Spending too much time in my head is not advisable, my inner critic is a total bitch!

Cranial sacral therapy; this mysterious treatment is so gentle it’s easy to believe not much is actually happening. But my God it does, and not only can one feel immediately re-aligned both physically and emotionally, it sends you to another level of relaxation. I am also doing this to remove the damage reeked by having a general anaesthetic. I will explain more about this in another post.

CBD oil daily, Cannabidiol(CBD) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis. I’ve started on this to enhance my general mood, source daily peace and nourish my joints; again, this deserves its own blog and I will deliver that soon along with where you can buy it.

I’m eating as much fish and homemade food as I can lay my hands upon.  I find it ball-achingly hard to cater to my family’s food demands during the holidays, against the backdrop of everything else, and often resort to cheating. However, I pay a high price for these short-cuts, again all round. It makes us all tetchier, less energetic and doesn’t facilitate a good night’s sleep; quite lethal really. Shout out to Willy Wonker to get that pill sorted, you know the one Violet Beauregarde snuffled up!

And so I now leave you, having once again defecated my truth with the purpose of relieving some of the guilt of being so far from a perfect parent, friend or human.